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Please select from the "Multiple Services" menu below if you are requesting more than one service OR have a party of 2 or more individuals or multiple vehicles.

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Cancellation Policy
As a courtesy, please change your appointment if you cannot keep it.
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Please Note
Wait times vary by duration of service, complexity of transactions, and staff availability. We make every effort to provide service in a timely manner.

Choose a service to schedule

SINGLE SERVICE - Driver License

Road Test
On-the-road driving test. Service includes processing for Driver License issuance upon passing the test. Eligibility, documentation, and safety rules apply.
Driver License
For 1 individual. See "Multiple Services" below for 2+ individuals. Travel ID, Instruction Permit issuance, Renewal, State ID, Name Update, Address Change, Photo Update, Replace a Lost/Stolen License.
Written Permit Test (Vehicle or Motorcycle)
Paper-based written Learner's/Instruction Permit test at our office. Service includes processing for Instruction Permit issuance upon receiving passing score.
Driver License Reinstatement
Verification must be done in-person. Requirements may vary.

SINGLE SERVICE - Title & Registration

Title & Registration
For 1 vehicle. See "Multiple Services" menu below for 2+ vehicles. Title transfer, duplicate title, registration renewal, or address change and updates.
Vehicle Permits
Qualification for duration of usage (3, 30, or 90-day) is contingent upon documents provided.
Specialty/Personalized Plates
Eligibility requirements must be met for certain types of special plates.
Disability Placard
A signed form by an authorized medical professional in Arizona is required.
Level 1 Inspection
Onsite verification of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and mileage.


Multiple Services (Driver License + Title & Registration)
Combination of Driver License service(s) and Title & Registration service(s)
Driver License for Multiple Individuals
For 2+ individuals. Travel ID, Renewal, State ID, Name Update, Address Change, Photo Update, Replace a Lost/Stolen License.
Title & Registration for Multiple Vehicles
For up to 4 vehicles. Title transfers, duplicate titles, registration renewals, or address changes and updates. For 4+ vehicles, please contact us to schedule a drop-off.
Need Further Assistance? (call for appointment)
Please call or e-mail us for additional assistance. This will ensure that we can help you coordinate what to come prepared with.
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